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Vocaloid Songs Meaning. What are some hatsune miku songs with deep meaning/ messages?fluff. This is the first in a series of posts about vocaloid songs with awkward meanings that sometimes border on inappropriate.

Pin By Rui Kamishiro's Left Sock On Serotonin Giving Singing Robots | Vocaloid, Character, Songs With Meaning
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Ame.” or in english, “cotton. She chooses by the end of. Meaning [] the pv can be literally interpreted as rin jumping into a nuclear reactor to commit a martyred suicide or figuratively as rin trying to get rid of her past or to purge herself of her sins, and leave it behind in order to grow up and become an adult.

This Is A List Of Original Songs Produced By The Vocaloid Producer, Maretu (極悪P, Gokuakup).

The result was a demonstration featuring vy1v4's power and soft vocals. But, the story behind it is this: There are various interpretations of this song.

Meaning [] The Pv Can Be Literally Interpreted As Rin Jumping Into A Nuclear Reactor To Commit A Martyred Suicide Or Figuratively As Rin Trying To Get Rid Of Her Past Or To Purge Herself Of Her Sins, And Leave It Behind In Order To Grow Up And Become An Adult.

This song has entered the hall of legend and exceeded over 30 million youtube views. Hence, this is kanaria's most notable song, and one of gumi's most notable songs. This will hopefully help you if you want to at least have an idea of the meanings behind vocaloid songs.

Alice Human Sacrifice (Hitobashira Arisu) Is A Famous Vocaloid Horror Song.

Because of a lost bet and me not caring all too much for pride, it has be a hatsune miku song. Vocaloid song meanings by chibiwolf18. Don’t hide in the comment section, chicken(expand description from hell) check the channel for tentacles and pantsufind me:

Secrets Of Wysteria Is One Of The Darkest Songs I Know Of From Vocaloid As It Is Based On A Real Serial Killer And Cannibal, Albert Fish.

Apparently, it was based on a 'true story', but its been proven to be just a story. Ongoing, first published jan 24, 2015. After all, i am the jester, and this future i propose:

The Protagonist Wishes That The World Wanted Them Gone To Justify Them Wanting To Disappear.

I will tip the gilded throne, in me the people will repose. Standing for vocal android it is a computer program which you can use various singing voices to create songs. To create a song, the user must input the melody and lyrics.

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