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Vocaloid Ashes To Ashes Lyrics. But the little green wheels are following me. (sebwass on the track, man) / i keep droppin' ashes on luxury vehicles / i pick up the key from the keyhouse and travel all over the world / see, i'm in the city with [chief.

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And when i pray to god all i ask is. “ashes to ashes”—author's comment hai no shi is an original song by nyanyannya featuring kagamine rin. It's meant to mean that we're waving goodbye to the action man of the start of the song.

The Song's Meaning Depends On Each Person.

ハイハハイニ (haihahaini) (ashes to ashes)by テンネン tennen / niboshi feat. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky. I'm stuck with a valuable friend.

Kaito's Requiem Module, For The Song Ashes To Ashes.

I tried to push his english. Strung out in heaven's high. And when i pray to god all i ask is.

It's Meant To Mean That We're Waving Goodbye To The Action Man Of The Start Of The Song.

Smiling with the mouth of the ocean. Obviously, ashes to ashes, dust to dust is part of the anglican christian funeral service, and the pun with funk means we're attending the funeral of bowie as a musician, not a person. We know major tom's a junkie.

Ashes To Ashes, Funk To Funky.

It's on my head (it's on my head) i'll pick you up from the floor. I've never done good things. I want them to know it's me it's on my head i'll point the finger at me it's on my head give it all to you, then i'll be closer smilin' with the mouth of the ocean and i'll wave to you with.

It's Okay, It's Alright To Play The Fool Has Always Been My Plight In This Tiny Circus Show, I'm The Nameless Pierrot As I Try To Balance In The Center Of A Ball As Round And Shiny As The Moon It's My Job To Trip And Fall For Laughter But I Always Get Back Up And Smile Like A Buffoon But Then I Saw You Crying There Out In The Audience Put On A Happy Face, You Look Much Better When.

Around the turn of the 20th century japan began opening its. Time and again i tell myself. Let beauty come out of ashes.

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