[TV Show] Night Voyager – Luo Tianyi V5 (Nature) 洛天依《夜航星》走进震撼又感动的英雄史诗【2020 B站跨年晚会单品】

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洛天依《夜航星》走进震撼又感动的英雄史诗【2020 B站跨年晚会单品】

Song title: 夜航星 (Night Voyager)

Singer: 洛天依 V5 (Nature), Luo Tianyi V5 (Nature)

Original version: 夜航星 – moonik蛛蛛, Yu H. feat. 不才
Original song is performed by the utaite 不才, as the ED of the Chinese Anime My Threebody Season 3.

Live recorded as the opening song of the 2020 Bilibili New Year Gala.
Music arrangement by 陈牧荻, 李大旭 and 王茂盛.
A new color of LuoTianyi’s V5 voicebank, “Nature”, as announced by 人形兎, is featured in major parts of this song.


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