Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 – [Luo Tianyi] "Time to Shine" 【洛天依】- 北京冬奥会文化节开幕式

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[Luo Tianyi] “Time to Shine” – Opening Ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics Cultural Festival
It is a great honor to bring you the Winter Olympics support song “Time to Shine” at the “Meet Beijing” Olympic Culture Festival and the opening ceremony of the 22nd Beijing International Art Festival#, and support the Beijing Winter Olympics with singing and dancing. In order to prepare for this performance, Tianyi worked hard to practice figure skating for a long time, and also experienced the hard work and hard work of the athletes off the field.
I hope you can feel my enthusiasm and cheer for all the Olympic athletes together!

【洛天依】《Time to Shine》——北京冬奥会文化节开幕式
非常荣幸能在“相约北京”奥林匹克文化节暨第22届约北京国际艺术节#开幕式为大家带来冬奥应援歌曲《Time to Shine》,用歌声和舞蹈为北京冬奥会应援。为了准备这次演出,天依努力的练习了很久的花滑,也体会到了运动员们在赛场下的拼搏与努力。

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