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AI technology realizes ultra-accurate singing voice synthesis
~ Virtual singer’s singing voice to an era where it can not be distinguished from people ~
news release

Nagoya Institute of Technology International Spoken Language Institute (Location: Nagoya City Showa Ward, Representative: Keiichi Tokuda, hereinafter referred to as Nagoya City), Techno Speech Co., Ltd. (Location: Nagoya City Chikusa- ku, Representative Director: Keiichiro Ohoura, Industrial University) has developed a singing voice synthesis technology that can reproduce the human voice quality, habit and singing style more precisely than ever.

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Techno speech and Nagoya Institute of Technology jointly work on the research and development of speech synthesis and singing voice synthesis technology, and so far have been synthesizing speech synthesis / singing voice synthesis (JOYSOUND) for commercial karaoke equipment, voice creation software “CeVIO Creative Studio” We have been advancing the introduction of technology. In this research, we learned the voice quality, habit and singing of singers by applying AI technology such as deep learning to singing voice database of about 2 hours of a specific singer. When synthesizing, you can synthesize high-quality singing voices simply by entering any score with lyrics.

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Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese
Synthetic audio sample: New technology (mix, a cappella), current technology (a cappella)
Input: Score with lyrics of sticky not manually adjusted

※ Provider of singing voice database

English: 1st PLACE Corporation “IA” (Voice source: Lia)

This research is based on joint research between Techno Speech and Nagoya Institute of Technology. The research results will be announced at the spring academic meeting announcement meeting of the Japan Acoustical Society 2019 held in March 2019.


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