[MV] Just like this – Luo tianyi x Nestle Coffee Silk Latte [3D Model]

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“Just like this” [Luotianyi X Nestle Coffee Silk Latte] Type: original song
Singer: Luo Tianyi (洛天依)
Lyrics: 果汁凉菜
Composition/Arrangement: YUICHI NAKASE / KURIS
Training: OQQ
Person set: TID

# 一瓶丝滑 According to the joy of joy # 天依 and Nestlé coffee silk latte’s exclusive MV “So Shining” joyful attack! A cheerful melody with vibrant lyrics that light up your day’s pleasure. In the MV, Tianyi not only put on a new custom-made small dress, but also came to the outdoors with a small locomotive for the first time, enjoying delicious coffee and small desserts, dancing with the melody and enjoying a good afternoon!
Silky entrance, wonderful! Come and enjoy this happy moment with Tianyi!
Tianyi also brings you a little fun test, listen to your voice to interpret your pleasure style, and there are a lot of egg voices waiting for you to unlock 哟

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